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Sep 3, 2012 3:00am PDT
down. that is another story. this car. >> buddy isaac, can you see the longinose. that is what detroit came up with. >> brian: david petersen. bubble gum here. >> two of the race that nighify was cigarette lighter. >> brian: he smoked. snerks five sticks of gum. and still three on the dash from 1973. >> brian: zoom forward in jeff gordon's car. some of the actual cars and some of them replica. that was begin to you by the family and they said one thing to you guys. >> brian: yes, it one the 19nen daytona 500 and then went to the museum and original 19nen dirt on it and you are not allowed to clean! >> brian: that's the deal i have with the tahoe. and great job. talk to you all weekend long. back to steve and gretchen with the latest. >> allyson: we are outside . and it is time to do the headlines. >> steve: cool thing about that. i grew up watching those stock cars and nice to see them under one roof . 25 machines before the hour. group dedicated to fighting voters fraud making a troubling discovery in north carolina. finding 30,000 dead people still registered to vote. the group compa
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 3:00am PDT
they are a force to be reck owned with. upagainst the detroit lions. they look sensational and allex smith helped tod secure a big win. and now to the best of the best. reggie bush. star of hard knocks. 172 yards and helping the miami dolphins beat the oakland raiders and best come back. and eli manning a bad first half . shakings off three nit's and finished with a record performance and three scores and the giants win. 41-34. >> and best upset, the arizona cardinals. and the new england patroits. and bringing all of gretchen's kids for tear the . cardinals win 20-18 on a 43 yard miss. and best rookie performance. it is andrew luckinging the colr first win. they end up on top of the vikings. >> allyson: it was a crying kay. did junior get a hit. >> steve: that is something sosay. >> gretchen: jeter and other baseball players having great lits. >> brian: how is his bruise. >> gretchen: that's too personal. >> brian: time i swell up you will not hear from me. >> gretchen: my goodness. >> steve: and someone else who is not having a good week. netanyahu wanted to meet with the president of the unite
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
from detroit and based on the creator's on past. the first issue will be available tomorrow. look for it. gretch, over to you, carl and joe. >> gretchen: thanks very much. the president's campaign is telling voters not to expect the same excitement that we saw in 2008 and once again, they're still using president bush as an excuse. >> nobody is sitting up here saying this is 2008. i mean, what's happened since an election in 2008 and right now, again, is this huge economic calamity caused by a series of bad decisions that were made before the president ever got there. >> gretchen: is the blame game sticking with the voters? we're back with karl rove and former manager of the howard dean presidential campaign, joe trippi. joe, i remember about two years ago where people were saying, wow, he's still blaming president bush, two years into the administration. now we're almost to the end of the first term, they're still blaming president bush and that's going to be the campaign theme here at the dnc. >> i don't think -- it's not blaming president bush, the person. it's blaming the poli
FOX News
Sep 7, 2012 3:00am PDT
. army veteran and purple heart recipient david nelson was visiting friends in detroit when a car drove up and began firing shots at a girl. he pushed her out of the way, but wound up being shot himself. >> i can't bring my baby back. he died doing a good thing, but that's not no consolation to me 'cause he's not coming back. >> gretchen: nelson was just 28 years old. he earned his purple heart after being hit by enemy fire in iraq. the accused shooter is now behind bars. >> brian: pregame prayers no longer allowed at harrelson county high school in georgia. the school board is stopping the prayer that's been happening for 15 years because of a atheist group cystagon constitutional and threatened to sue. >> chipping away all of our freedoms are slowly being chipped away. >> prayer has never hurt anyone. if you don't want to pray, don't bow your head. >> brian: people in town aren't giving up without a fight. a local shop made t-shirts like these and 3,000 people are expected to real estate in unity tonight at the team's first home game. all will be praying for their teams to win. >> ste
FOX News
Sep 24, 2012 3:00am PDT
-3. it has to go to nick washington. he nixed the catch and takes it 71 yards and detroit wins 44-41. cardinals scored the best start. no, they didn't. they beat the eagle to improve to 3 and zero best start in 38 yores and replacement rev nearly turned cowboy receiver in a casulty. he run out of bounds and ogletree slips and the cowboys win cane-10. can you imagine that costs in jerry jones not wanting to get that down. how much will it cost to get normal referrs. >> are you going to show the riking and 49ers. >> brian: they insist on talking finances. >> gretchen: okay. more states facing financial crisis and fren of them deprade to cut pension benefits and thoyce cuts may be against. so now what. joining us is stewart varney. why haven't we see a dent. >> they haven't made cuts to the pension that are paid and they are breaking the finances of the states f. you look down the road. they have an unfunded liability. that means you pay out and not got the money now. 900 billion dollars. there's no way to get the money. what are they going do do? i tell you what they are going to do
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)